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Farewell to Four Fabulous Female Friends!

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Tonight a certain home here in White River Junction we lovingly call the “Muff Mansion” will be hosting a farewell party to its four remaining occupants. These four and among the favorite lady cartoonists here in WRJ and all are alumni of CCS. I graduated with one, two were classmates and the fourth has been here longer than almost any other lady in town, only nudged out by Colleen Frakes of the inaugural class! On Sunday in prep for the 4th of July Weekend I’ll post plenty of pictures from the party, but today I’m going to cover briefly the most important thing about these wonderful people: their comics!

Jen Vaughn
CCS Class of 2010

Jen is one of the standout 2010 classmates of mine! She immediately made her presence known with her bubbly personality, big laugh and non-stop humor. Her comics make her stand out even more. Her on-going series of Menstruation Station mini comics have driven her to the top of many other female cartoonists lists…and even intrigued some guys. Humorous looks at the most womanly thing about being female. Her most consistent comics are that of a fantastic world under the sea where a group of mermaids run a hostel for fishy guests of all kinds. Dealing with everything from current events, trends, to daily musings in Jen’s own life, it posts every Tuesday at her website. Lastly, Jen is an avid illustrator and blogger, spreading her work and words on the web and in print. Posters and flyers are a frequent thing for Jen, you’ve probably seen one for a band you like! You can read her musings for CCS at the Schulz Library Blog which she helped to re-launch recently, as well as occasional pieces for THE BEAT; Heidi Macdonald’s outstanding comics industry blog.

Beth Hetland
CCS Class of 2011

The recently graduated Beth Hetland is one of the only girls in town that can rival Jen’s boisterous excitement and enthusiasm for CCS and comics. While she is loud and giddy almost 24/7, her comics exude a much more subdued, subtle feelings of grace and consideration. Her pacing is very steady and her characters drawn from her own experiences growing up. Her CCS Thesis was called FUGUE, and is a three-book story of her own family and growing up with music, most specifically learning to play piano. It’s a tale of expectations, music, family frustration, love, and being tested. She continues to put pages up frequently at her website and will very soon have the book(s) up online to order!

Betsey Swardlick
CCS Class of 2011

Betsey is…hard to put into words. She interned here many moons ago, at a time when CCS was still in its infancy. She left her mark even then, as as I went through my first year I heard her unfamiliar name recounted again and again. Suddenly, as if by destiny, she re-appeared at CCS after a several year absence, as a part of the class of 2011. CCS is just now hitting it’s stride and people like Betsey are a big reason why. She’s wild, colorful, brilliantly positive, and wants to make all around her feel welcome. Her comics are equally as crazy and exciting. Her main works featured in her CCS Thesis were Fail Wolves…about a group of un-motivated werewolves who are not very good at lycanthopy, and the work-in progress comic “Frank,” “about self-acceptance, self-expression, and the melancholy of a go-go dad” as classmate Josh Kramer says on the Class of 2011 Summer Showcase website. Betsey may be leaving us for now, but having already returned to CCS once, I’m sure she’ll be back to visit in the future!


Penina Gal
CCS Class of 2008

Is one of WRJ’s longest standing cartoonist residents out of CCS. She’s been a staple in the community since 2006 and one of the most active members in all going ons comic-wise. She, along with Betsey above, helped start the Werewolf series of Anthologies, one of CCS’s most successful and popular! Her personal work is fantastic in nature and captures the essence of childhood. Along with editing and contributing to Werewolf! she is also slowly working on the Fire Messenger series of comics. It’s a strange tale of two children who become lost in the woods and enter a world that is quite far from Kansas, and one boy discovers an ability to create fire in the palm of his hands! Her art is full of life and subtlety as she works in beautiful watercolors! Penina will be missed both in the studio and on the Soccer pitch!

Well, that just about does it. I encourage you to all check out these fine lady’s comics and illustrations and even consider buying something to help off-set the cost of their moving away. Come back Sunday for pictures and a recap of their going away party tonight, and remember that tomorrow is SONIC SATURDAY! I’ll be doing a live webcast around Noon as I tweak page 1 and get this thing officially underway (again!)

I wish the Muff Mansion-ers all safe journeys and the hope of a return to Cartoonist Country some day soon!


All work above is © it’s respective creator.


Granite Con 2011 Report!

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A look down our table row and most of the convention floor.

Let’s get the negative out of the way first, because I like to keep this stuff short and sweet: Granite Con was a bust financialy. Too much distracting from the artists in the form of cosplayers and costume groups near the artists tables, the stage shows were loud, obnoxious and unnecessary and vendors in the same hall as artists tables NEVER helps.

Future CCSer on the far right, stopping by to introduce himself!

All that aside, Granite Con 2011 was FUN! The cosplay may have been a distraction, but I used to do the stuff for a short while and understand the fun in it, and some of the costumes did indeed look fantastic! Here’s some of what I saw while manning my table with the fun and funny Jesse Durona:

The guys from the 501st Legion were in town to show off their AMAZING Star Wars costumes. They’re hired by Lucas Arts a lot to do promotions and things because of the quality they bring to the table.

They even brought R2-D2 who was giving kids rides…probably not by choice however.

Next to them were the NH Ghostbusters, a not for profit charity group with some of the most complete Ghostbusters gear you’ll ever see and the attitudes to match! These guys are awesome!

Everet Soares of Jolly Rogue Studios is in AWE at this Captain Jack Sparrow costume, valued at over $4000! It cost him near $2k to put it all together!

There were some to-DIE for female cosplayers this year, and I only caught this one from the table walking by. I’m not even sure what the outfit is from but it was stellar!

Here’s a flashy Sailor Mars strutting by. All legs on this one boys!

The cutest little Kokiri Link you’ll EVER see!

Creepy, awesome…swampy!

He’s in the tweed suit, so it must be from Ghostbusters 2.

Here’s one last group shot of many of the cosplayers who were at the show!

Those Ghostbusters and Star Wars guys were actually all fantastic, real pros! Jesse D even got commissioned by the NH Ghostbusters!

Now, let’s talk about the BEST part of the show: all the fantastic new cartoonists I met!

Right next to our table was Andrew Ross Maclean a super talented cartoonist, painter, designer, and illustrator. We had a good chat about life in comics, girlfriends, careers, and story telling in general. His paintings got a lot of attention during the day and I’m sure he did well!

Brandon Barrows is a Burlington, VT Cartoonist who I had a very long discussion about story telling and writing with. He had some great experience in and advice for working on writing to get your characters to write themselves, which is something I’ve struggled with recently. His series, Jack Hammer: Political Science is about a super hero turned Private Investigator!

Long time fantasy Illustrator Jeremy McHughs was tabling and he gave me some words of encouragement in regards to working as an illustrator on other peoples creative ideas. His paintings are amazing and he’s worked in board/card game illustration for a long time!

This pretty face is Michelle Sciuto and she loves drawing girls! Her table was full of quality pinup style art that appeals to all ages! She has a fun and whimsical style and brilliant bright colors in her work. She also has a tumblr, something we talked about and that I have not yet dove into.

Sara Richard had a stellar table of fantasy illustrations and beautiful, delicate colors. Her work is intricate, highly detailed and stunning to look at! She’s on DeviantArt as well!

At the very end of the show I took a peek at Juli Mayers work over at Wicked Little Studios: Where there is NO rest!

There were a lot of other cartoonists there, I ran into familiar faces like Sue and Everet Soares of Jolly Rogue Studios. Sue is the one who turned me on to Kester Ink where I had my most recent run of Citadel Chapter 1 printed! For those of you who couldn’t get away from your tables at the show: you can buy a copy for just $4 right here at RKDIA COMICS!

Thanks again for all the fun Granite Con, even tho I came home broke! MeCAF is NEXT Sunday in Portland, Maine and I hope to see some of you there!



CCS Class of 2011 Commencement

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Today was graduation day for the Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2011! I’m EXTREMELY dissapointed that I was on the clock and couldn’t make the actual ceremony today featuring a class speech by my roommate Lawrence Lee Dirks III and Commencement speech by the great Francoise Mouly of Toon Books better known as the wife/co-publisher of of the great Art Speigelman’s RAW!

Missing the ceremony also does not make me any less proud of the class of 2011, who were freshman during MY Senior Thesis year at CCS. I’m friends with many of them and as a class, they’re the first to graduate entirely as a class with no exceptions! Kudos to you all and a HUGE congratulations!

I managed to scoot over to the Colodny building during my lunch break and catch the Thesis Opening Reception following the graduation ceremony, and I managed to get a good number of pictures of the enormous crowd of family and friends who turned out for this years celebration! Check out the photos and at the bottom of the post I’ll feature a list of this years graduates and links to their websites, if applicable!

View from the Hotel Coolidge second floor, looking over at the gathering graduates and family before the walk to the ceremony at Northern Stage.

Chris “Radical” Warren and Denis St. John stop to chat with Cat Garza and CCS Freshman (now Senior) Wade Simpson while helping cart food from the Hotel to the Colodny for the gallery opening.

The procession to Northern Stage for commencement begins!

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<p style="border: 1px solid black; padding: 3px;"><strong>Originally published at <a href="http://randalldrew.com/?p=1946">RKdia Comics</a>. You can comment here or <a href="http://randalldrew.com/?p=1946#comments">there</a>.</strong></p><p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2778/5719846930_650eeb9144_b.jpg"></p> <p>Today was graduation day for the Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2011! I&#8217;m EXTREMELY dissapointed that I was on the clock and couldn&#8217;t make the actual ceremony today featuring a class speech by my roommate Lawrence Lee Dirks III and Commencement speech by the great <a href="http://toon-books.com/">Francoise Mouly of Toon Books</a> better known as the wife/co-publisher of of the great Art Speigelman&#8217;s RAW!</p> <p>Missing the ceremony also does not make me any less proud of the class of 2011, who were freshman during MY Senior Thesis year at CCS. I&#8217;m friends with many of them and as a class, they&#8217;re the first to graduate entirely as a class with no exceptions! Kudos to you all and a HUGE congratulations! </p> <p>I managed to scoot over to the Colodny building during my lunch break and catch the Thesis Opening Reception following the graduation ceremony, and I managed to get a good number of pictures of the enormous crowd of family and friends who turned out for this years celebration! Check out the photos and at the bottom of the post I&#8217;ll feature a list of this years graduates and links to their websites, if applicable!</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3329/5719848324_f426b15e22_b.jpg"></p> <p>View from the Hotel Coolidge second floor, looking over at the gathering graduates and family before the walk to the ceremony at Northern Stage.</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2569/5719848218_4bf58e7ed1_b.jpg"></p> <p>Chris &#8220;Radical&#8221; Warren and Denis St. John stop to chat with Cat Garza and CCS Freshman (now Senior) Wade Simpson while helping cart food from the Hotel to the Colodny for the gallery opening.</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2411/5719287371_2534e5f910_b.jpg"></p> <p>The procession to Northern Stage for commencement begins!</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3514/5719287125_19b4b32aeb_b.jpg"</p> <p>Corey Middleton, Carl Mefferd, 2011 CCS Fellow Dave Libens and Jan Berger.</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2033/5719286967_83fb4d7b4a_b.jpg"></p> <p>More graduates!</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2435/5719286883_9e40c3692b_b.jpg"></p> <p>End of the line!</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2274/5719286801_7e10a5eba4_b.jpg"></p> <p>Post graduation crowd outside the Colodny.</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3004/5719286685_b63bb9db31_b.jpg"></p> <p>Blurry rush of people inside the Colodny for the gallery opening!</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3394/5719847232_375da8a6b2_b.jpg"></p> <p>Another blury rush of people in the main classroom enjoying snacks and root beer! Graduate Carol &#8220;Big C&#8221; Thompson, center.</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3293/5719847146_87ef588e2a_b.jpg"></p> <p>Several Graduates! Ben Horak left with back turned, Beth Hetland and Class Speaker Lawrence Lee Dirks III center, Kevin Uehlein right!</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2792/5719847088_4d4b24558c_b.jpg"></p> <p>Sneak Peek at the Thesis Show, which I&#8217;ll have a full report on later next week!</p> <p><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3440/5719286369_3667bc1069_b.jpg"></p> <p>Friends, Family, Cartoonists everywhere outside!</p> <p><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2371/5719846854_c4e1f30e84_b.jpg"></p> <p>Some Story Teller greats convene in a quiet corner outside: Art Speigelman, Peter Money, James Sturm, Steve Bissette.</p> <p>And that&#8217;s all I was able to take in just the half hour lunch break I had! Once again congrats to the class of 2011, here&#8217;s the promised list and links! (CCSers, let me know if I left anyone out!)</p> <p>Jacob Montgomery &#8211; TBA<br /> <a href="http://www.kevinuehlein.wordpress.com">Kevin Uehlein</a><br /> Jon Fine &#8211; TBA<br /> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/44722186@N06/">Carl Antonowicz</a><br /> <a href="http://piratesvsquid.blogspot.com/">Carl Mefferd</a><br /> <a href="http://patbarrett.com">Pat Barrett</a><br /> <a href="http://lena.chandhok.net">Lena Chandhok</a><br /> Lawrence Derks &#8211; TBA<br /> Corey Middleton &#8211; TBA<br /> <a href="http://joshkramer.wordpress.com">Josh Kramer</a><br /> <a href="http://grumptoast.blogspot.com">Ben Horak</a><br /> <a href="http://cjjoughin.blogspot.com/">Carol Thompson</a><br /> <a href="http://www.beth-hetland.com">Beth Hetland</a><br /> <a href="http://therealdurona.com/">Jesse Durona</a><br /> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/3bj">Ben Faun</a><br /> <a href="http://jessemadeablog.wordpress.com/">Jesse Mead</a><br /> <a href="http://peoplesrepublicofpaul.wordpress.com/">PaulSwartz</a><br /> Tom Casteel &#8211; TBA<br /> <a href="http://www.emsauter.com">Emily Sauter</a><br /> <a href="http://andymancomics.blogspot.com">Andy Christensen</a><br /> <a href="http://www.brewforbreakfast.com">Nomi Kane</a></p> <span class="facebook-like"><fb:like layout="box_count" show_faces="false" width="255" href="http://randalldrew.com/?p=1946"></fb:like></span>


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These beautiful things came in the mail today, JUST in time for my weekend trip to Granite Con in Manchester, NH! You can grab one at the table there or at MeCAF next Sunday in Portland, ME for just $3! If you can’t make it out to the convention, pick one up over at the RKDIA COMICS Store for just $4, price includes shipping and handling!

This second printing features a nice glossy cover on a rather firm stock and brand new introductions to each story!


The comics were printed by Kester Ink in Kansas and they did a beautiful job, despite some slight sizing issues on my end (mostly because the book was formatted differently when I ran off my original, self-printed and bound run.) Over all each book was much cheaper to print, so I was able to drop the price by a buck per copy! Grab one before they’re gone and I have to wait to order more!



Granite Con!

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Just a reminder I’ll be at Granite State Comic Con aka Granite Con with recent CCS Graduate Jesse DuRona on this coming Sunday, May 15th. The convention is in Manchester, NH and runs from 10am-4pm! On sale will be Citadel Chapter 1, some HvV poster prints, (both at reduced, table-only prices!) Jesse’s recently completed thesis Capek and I’m sure many other goodies as well as some freebies and sketches! Hope to see many of you New Englanders there!



Election 2010 Wrap up

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The 2010 US Mid-Term Elections are just about wrapped up…and so far New Englanders seem to be the most sane people in the country!

On a national scale, the middle of the country was swept out by the republicans, and yes…sadly, the Tea Party did manage to score some big victories. The house was nearly a complete reversal! Going from a 256 Democratic over 183 Republican majority to 179 Democrats under 236 Republicans, who take the gavel away from the very unpopular Nancy Pelosi and take control.

In the US Senate, New England and my home state of New York managed to fight the anti-incumbent/Dem wave and sent most of it’s democratic incumbents back to work. New York, Vermont, and Connecticut all returned their Democratic representatives back to the Senate, which as of this posting, maintains it’s 51 seat Democratic majority, with 2 Independent seats that have known to swing to the left.

It’s been a very VERY long time since the United States has faced such a split federal government. President Obama maintains control of the Senate, and therefore still has one strong arm to flex when it comes to his Classically Liberal (in the British sense:) policies that aim to strengthen individual liberties. Having control of the Senate also means that President Obama can continue to work towards making the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell from the US Military a permanent amendment.

On a local level: The biggest nail-biter for myself was watching the Vermont Governors race between Dem. Senator Peter Shumlin and Rep. Brian Dubie, Republican Governor Jim Douglas’s Lieutenant Governor for the last 4 years. The results are finally in, and Shumlin has emerged victorious, after Dubie called the Shumlin campain and threw in the towel.

Dem. Senator Patric Leahy, The second most senior member of the US Senate won with little trouble over Rep. Len Britton, receiving over twice the number of votes as Britton.

Dem. Peter Welch also defeated his Rep. rival Paul Beaudry for Vermont’s lone US House seat up-for-grabs.

The second New England state to have a Democratic sweep was Massachusetts. They not only re-elected Governor Patrick, but sent 10 Democrats to the House.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Maine was swept by Republicans as Paul Lepage, a Tea Party backed Republican has recently been announced as the winner of the Maine Governorship, over an Independent competitor Eliot Cutler. Lepage is the first Republican to hold the office since 1994.

Also, in NH: Kelly Ayotte held onto republican control of NH’s Senate seat for the retiring Sen. Judd Gregg’s seat. Ayotte was also backed by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. *shudder*

In New York, The Democrats won double-digit victories over Republican challengers in both the Governors Race (Attorney General Andrew Cuomo over Rep. Tea Party backed [and total jack-ass]) business man Carl Paladino, and both Senate Seats. (Chuck Schumer over Jay Townsend and former Rookie State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand over Joseph Dioguardi for her second term in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s former seat.) In the House, of the races decided; so far 7 of the 29 House Seats have gone to Republicans, every other one was either won by a Democrat, or has a Democrat leading in the polls.

New York is all about land-slides. Descisions in the Empire State always happen on a large scale and usually by enormous majorities. 4 years ago, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer won back the Governorship to Democratic hands from 3 term Republican Governor George Pataki, who retired. It was a huge victory for Democrats in a time when the country was so divided and unsure of it’s President, GW Bush who was eventually re-elected for a second term. As the whole world now knows, Spitzer spent the 2 years of his Governorship in constant conflict with a Republican controlled State House and State Senate, most notably the “Trooper-Gate” scandal with former Senator Joe Bruno. After being ousted by a sex scandal and replaced by Leiutenant Governor David Patterson, New Yorks first Black and Legally Blind Governor, the state seemed to be suspect to the growing Tea Party movement and anti-incumbent wave.

However, I give total credit to the tough, stubborn, hard-nosed 2 years put in by Governor Patterson. He worked the office on a policy of ending political corruption, bi-partisonship, and ending decades of childish bickering and arguing, continually making New Yorks budget late year after year. He pushed a lot of people, made a lot of enemies among the establishment, but also showed New Yorkers that the Democratic leadership of their state was working hard for them to make New York a great place to live with endless opportunities.

Let’s just hope that history does not repeat itself for Cuomo.

My hopes for Vermont and New York are high. My hopes for the rest of the country…not so much. With split control in Washington, DC., we may be looking at a continued stalled economic recovery as the two parties continue to disagree on what the country needs to do in order to create jobs, strengthen a weakening dollar, stop the outsourcing of jobs to other countries and end corporate greed and tax-evasion that is so prevalent on Wall Street.

WHEW. That’s enough till 2012!



“I got Fucked at the used car lot.”

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However in my case the car lot was Best Buy and the car was my brand new LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV.

Originally this was going to be a great, fun, total geek out post about the splendedness of finally buying something nice for myself that would take my gaming experience to the next level, but, as in this audio sketch about the proper usage of the word “fuck” (Which is often falsely attributed to Monty Python. It is a historical recording by the “Voice of Disneyland”, Jack Wagner.)

I am instead going to tell you exactly WHY purchasing this particular model right now is just a GIANT SCAM and you should NOT do it.

I will begin this exaggerated, rage-quit rant with the happy side: The excitement leading up to the fateful event and the fun of unpacking a brand new, albeit expensive, toy.

Let’s begin at the beginning. After months of saving and weeks of debating and waiting for just the right sale, today it happened! The Lebanon, NH Best Buy got in a shipment of LG 42″ 1080p LED-HDTVs with 120Hz refresh rate and the online sale price of only $999.99 (A $400 savings from the full retail price) was an instant winner for me. The next closest option was a 40″ Samsung identical to one owned by my buddy Jesse Durona over at ABHR (Check out his great kids comics!!!) but cost $100 more and lacked the internet connectivity of the LG (which was it’s ultimate un-doing…read on!)

Anyway, with storms brewing in VT today (Producing some AWESOME looking clouds:)

I decided I should not wait any longer and go snag this deal up like the bandit I am. Hopped in my tiny 99′ Civic SI, sped over to Lebanon, NH to hit up the only Best Buy that’s not a 3 hour drive away and swipe this steal of a deal up. The thing BARELY fit in my car.

I celebrated briefly with some Taco Bell, then promptly drove home as the sky was getting darker again after a LARGE thunder head just missed nailing The Junc:

I beat the next round and began unpacking my bundle of joy. To give you a better idea of just how big this thing is boxed up, here it is in my living room just after pulling it out of the back seat of my car. (It obstructed my rear-view the entire drive…kinda nerve wracking trying to back out of parking spaces.)

Set up went very smoothly!

The storm came and went as fast as it took me to pull the TV out and attach the stand. The sun then burst through as the rain continued to pound down, producing both a super well defined rainbow (even tho my camera on my phone couldn’t pick it up well) and a etherial, creepy fog that rolled down the river.

The weather was awesome, the sun was shining and my new experience in visual stimuli was about to be underway! Everything about this TV was amazing; the picture quality, the ease of set up, the internet connectivity. One of the first things I had to do was update the firmware…3 separate times! (This is where the problem truly began…though I would not know it just yet.) Yes, a TV that UPDATES via the web. Amazing. Even the REMOTE had a WIDGETS button…seriously, a TV with Widgets?! Damn snazzy!

But this however, is where it all went wrong. After setting up a few core features, I began to explore said widgets. I could Flickr, check the weather, news…even TWEET from my TV…but then, it all went wrong. The Weather Widget menu suddenly froze up, a hangup as it was updating a location online…then the TV shut off ON ITS OWN. Okay…I thought about it for a second and figured it was a safety measure for when a menu gets hung up…like a certain failed safety measure that failed for a certain oil rig in the Gulf…but I digress. I turned the unit back on and…and…wait…what….what the FUCK?

LINES. Nothing but lines. The audio was fine, the channels changed, and I’ll even bet the menus came up when I hit the button, but my picture was replaced, at first, by staticky shifting lines, later becoming stationary.

NERD RAGE GO. I jump on LGs website immediately, almost every major company that manufactures anything HAS to have a Live Chat feature on their site for customer service. I was right and began chatting with (some out-sourced guy from the Middle East) a representative. Long story short, after supplying them with my model information and my trouble shoots they tell me it’s my Firmware….

…and they don’t have a fix for it yet. I straight up asked the guy if he was kidding. He said of course not. I dug further. I have come to found out that this problem began as soon as they released this firmware update at the BEGINNING of July. They’ve known about it for a full 2 weeks and “have engineers working on a solution.” Once one if found, so they claim, they will release a new firmware to fix the problem…firmware I will not be able to update to since I can’t see the menus used to update said firmware. In that case they say they’ll send out a Technician to do it manually. The next question on my mind of course is time table…again no idea of when.

By now I’m quite livid that such a thing would even be allowed to go on for 2 weeks without recalling or at LEAST pulling the defective items off the shelves OR, pulling the defective firmware update from their servers and sticking with the previous, stable version. Either way…I have a case number and will be emailing them DAILY for a week until the problem is either fixed or I go into BB for a refund/replacement of equal value.

To reiterate, this is a SCAM because the length of time they’ve known about the problems leads me to believe that is the reason the products are selling at such an enormous discount right now. I refused Best Buy’s “Black Tie” service…not that they could do anything about this, but I feel like that most people making this purchase with less tech-saviness than myself would go for something like that…only to discover the same problem I’ve had and be forced to make use of the Black Tie service…to get the same result.

Do NOT purchase this product from LG or Best Buy until AFTER a solution has been found. (and of course the price goes back up.) I’m not a very patient man and will probably go get that Samsung tomorrow. I do hope others learn from my mistake!



Working for the crazy eyes!

Aight. It's mega MEGA rant time.

So after having to quit my cleaning job because of the no-longer-drivability of my car, I began working under the table for this chick who I had met at the job-site who was in charge of another portion of the building. Long story short, I've been working on and off with her for about 3 months now and it has been mostly hell.

For starters, she's from Boston. Accent and everyting and I fucking HATE it. Many of you may not know either how aggressive and angry I once was, and/or how laid back I've really become over the last year and a half, but being so laid back and having to put up with her aggressiveness and bossiness is just too much.

Second, she has no fucking idea how to be a good boss, or conduct a good business, at least as it applies to her "employees." Legaly, we're all under the table, and she doesn't neccessaraly have to follow the usual constraints of an employer-employee relationship. However that, to me, is besides the point. She doesn't know how to schedule, was once 2 hours late picking me up from an agreed-upon time to start work, and paid me a whole month late at least twice now.

Thirdly, while I've been coming at this whole breakdown of communication with the best of my abilities as a business person, showing politeness and professionalism, she's just been a total on-the-rag cunt. Quite frankly, she's trying to BS me out of the money she owes me, and telling me I'm the problem, and that she never liked the work I did and "always re-did it." If she had ANY idea how to be a boss, she would have told me there was a problem WEEKS ago, instead of letting it all build up to this, and given me time to adjust. She also doesn't know how to train people, so when she throws me this "oh you're not doing it this exact specific way" bull, it's her own damn fault for not going over that when I started.

Essentially, she's a "my way or the highway" type with a self-centered attitude. I'm sorry, but anyone who gets high on the drive between job-sites doesn't deserve to be in charge of anyone. At this point I don't care if she never pays me, because it's not going to be what she actually owes me, and I just don't want to see her again because I just might slap the shit out of her.

Okay, rant over.