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Gaga Goodbye Party Pics!

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Here’s the promised select pictures from the Lady Gaga Goodbye Party! You can view the entire set at My Flickr! (Please excuse all blurry pictures…it was a GOOD party!)

Two of the leavin’ ladies, Betsey and Penina, Capt’n Meff included.

Penina again with CCS Librarian Caitlin McGurk!

Recent CCS Grad Lana Chandhok talking with leavin’ lady and fellow class of 2010 Graduate Jen Vaughn.

CCS Alumni Sam Carbaugh, Mask Maker Ryan Anderson and CCS Senior Katie Moody.

Gabby Shulz aka Ken Dahl being very expressive whilst talking to Matt Young.

Denis St. John, leavin’ lady Beth Hetland, Keny Wijaja, and Jesse Mead in a heated debate!

Party co-organizer and makeup extraordinaire Carol Thompson.

Bye gals, thanks for all the memories at Muff Mansion!



MeCAF Report

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The 3rd annual Maine Comics Arts Festival was held yesterday at the Ocean Gateway in Portland, Maine yesterday! This show doubled in size after it’s first year and I’ve been to every single one! This year was my very first year tabling on my own at the event, joined by the very talented Carl Mefferd and Jesse Durona, both recent graduates of the Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2011!

This was my very first profitable convention. The traffic all day was steady and my sales were made via my collection of sketch cards. I started the day with 18 original sketch cards of various characters from pop culture, movies, games, comics etc. and I found myself very quickly taking on commissions for characters I had not drawn. These lead to sales of my Heroes Versus Villains poster print, which was the big earner.

Sadly, I didn’t sell any comics and only traded one away at the very end of the show. Still, I have lots of copies still for sale at my store. Grab one if you didn’t get the chance at the show!

The great thing about MeCAF is the familiarity of it. So many of the people have come back each of the 3 years it’s like a big family reunion for cartoonists! Here’s a look at some of the people I had a chance to talk to again after quite some time away!

My table neighbors (teighbors?) Maris Wicks and Joe Quinones. They’re a great couple of cartoonists and were super awesome to table next to! They both came to CCS a few years ago and did portfolio reviews as well, so it was good to see them at the same time again. Maris has done MeCAF all 3 years now!

CCS was a big part of MeCAF, as it has been since it’s first year. Here we have a look at the CCS fort being held down by recent graduate Kevin Uehlein and Alumni Caitlin Plovnick.

More CCS Alumni love! Here’s Morgan Pielli tabling next to Colleen Frakes and John Chad (behind, talking with Jesse Durona!) Morgan recently moved to NYC so it was good to see him again. Funny how he left Vermont, THEN grew a beard. *shrug*

A string of great Vermont/CCS cartoonists! Jen Vaughn, Nomi Kane and Matt Aucoin on the far right, followed by Penina Gal and Denis St. John with Team Werewolf! Finally, Colin Tedford and Marek Bennett of the Trees and Hills anthology group!

Art School Fraud’s Matt Young and Chris “Radical” Warren! Listen to their podcast!

Cathy Leamy of the Boston Comics Roundtable group, who I last saw at MICE, back in the fall. I hope to see her and her super fun comics again at this years MICE! Behind here are more members of the BCRT.

The always cheery, always amazing Colleen AF Venable. Her children’s comic series, Guinea Pig from Graphic Universe, is great fun and drawn by the stellar Stephanie Yue! Check them out!

All in all, MeCAF was the best show of the year for me and really re-invigorated my comics batteries! I’m super excited now to get back to work. The show kept us all busy, and while I didn’t have much time to meet n’ greet with any new faces, I did get to see a lot of old friends and sell a lot of original sketch cards! I hope all that bough a poster or sketch are happy with their art and will come back for more in the future. I look forward to next year!



Toonies Octoberfest

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AKA: A blog about how we all hang out, drink too much, and have fun while cleverly disguised as a way to promote, connect and link to some of the amazing cartoonists and friends I have here in WRJ, VT.

This blog post is “Jesse Mead with a Boy Scout wing patch as a Mustache” approved!

Last night was a going away/OctoberFest party put on by the lovely Jess Abston and the super talented Keny Wijaja. Jess is a friend of CCS and Keny is a fellow graduate from the class of 2010! He’ll be spending the holidays in Indonesia with his family before returning to Vermont next spring.

Keny is our school Grill-Master and last night he delivered with an impressive array of sausages, steaks and leeks, and seasoning that knocked our sox off! Keny will be missed this winter and we all will eagerly await the warm weather for a return of his mad-grillin-skillz.

I can’t say enough how coming to White River and attending CCS over the last two years has significantly changed my life, but it’s small gatherings like these that continually remind me just how amazing this community is.

Long time alumni like the incredible Joe Lambert, Penina Gal, Collen Frakes and Alex Kim to now struggling seniors Lawrence Dirks, Ben Horak, Carl Mefferd and Jesse Mead all come together to let loose, talk shop, life and comics! It’s events like these that also help springboard ideas, make it into diary comics, and help spread the energy each of us has for the medium.

Most cartoonists…myself included…are not the most social of creatures. We spend long hours alone at a drawing table with our noses to the grind-stone. I’d say it’s a fair assessment to say that most of my life, I’ve found it hard to relate to other people well at all. It’s only through cartooning that I’ve found a niche of friends and colleagues that universally understand the quirks of being so shy and passive aggressive…but also have helped open up pathways to understanding how to get the most out of my social interactions, especially with each other.

This seems like just a long-winded way of saying, I love youz guyz! Thanks for giving me a happy, encouraging place to be and for being just so darn fun to be around! We may not always agree, we all have vastly different approaches to comics, and the kinds of comics we like…but we all understand the basic process behind it, and realize the need to be such a tight community!

Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

Okay, I’ll stop now!

Also in attendance were my classmates David Yoder and Nick Patten.


Glory Days 2010

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The annual Glory Days of the Railroad festival was this past weekend here in The Junc and I just wanted to share a few photos of the event, taken with my new phone. CCS had two tables right in the middle of the event and we sold Schultz Library overflow and Student Work. There were also free Caricatures by CCS Senior Carl Mefferd!

Bryan Stone, Carol Thompson, Andy Christensen, and Beth Hetland (the only one paying attention!)

Carl setting up to draw some caricatures!

Here’s the two booths! I managed to sell one of my books to a former co-worker…not much beyond that I’m afraid.


Here’s Carl, after the day’s events at a “FUCK SPX!” BBQ put on by CCS Alumni Bryan Stone, continuing to rock out the caricatures, this time by Lantern-light after the sun had set!