July 16th, 2011


Montpelier and Trees and Hills

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No Sonic Saturday today, instead this week it will be Sonic Sunday.

I spent today in Montpelier, Vermont…the states Capitol with Dan Barlow of the Trees and Hills Comic ground along with fellow CCSers Matt Young and Chris Warren of Art School Fraud. We were later joined by fellow T&Her Colin Tedford and CCSer Jesse Durona. We checked out the State Capitol Building and here are my photos from the interior of VT’s history filled Government Building!

Over all it’s a brilliant, easily navigated building packed with some fine paintings, sculpture and architecture!

After the tour, we headed back to Dan’s home for some comic-making time and a discussion of upcoming things for the Trees and Hills group. Their next anthology is titled “Woods” and you can find out more information about submitting here! I hope to make my T&H premier in this upcoming collection!

Sonic Saturday returns tomorrow, for now, back to the drawing board!