July 15th, 2011


Sonic Says,

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So a long while back (read: over a year ago) I entered a fan art contest over at Archie Comics Publications for their Tails miniseries arc on Sonic Universe.

Zip ahead to this week. This interesting piece of mail arrived in my box:

Nice Archie…kinda makes me feel like I’m 12 again. Almost. Well, unfortunately I’m not 12 any more and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Tracy Yardley!, Sonic’s current full time penciler and layout guy for Sonic Universe and a good chunk of the main Sonic comic, as my CCS Senior Thesis Advisor, I’ve gotten a good peek at the industry both from my interactions with him and my own fledgling experiences as a cartoonist just leave me wondering…

…what poor intern had to HAND-ADDRESS and SIGN all these ridiculous letters?!