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Gaga Goodbye Party Pics!

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Here’s the promised select pictures from the Lady Gaga Goodbye Party! You can view the entire set at My Flickr! (Please excuse all blurry pictures…it was a GOOD party!)

Two of the leavin’ ladies, Betsey and Penina, Capt’n Meff included.

Penina again with CCS Librarian Caitlin McGurk!

Recent CCS Grad Lana Chandhok talking with leavin’ lady and fellow class of 2010 Graduate Jen Vaughn.

CCS Alumni Sam Carbaugh, Mask Maker Ryan Anderson and CCS Senior Katie Moody.

Gabby Shulz aka Ken Dahl being very expressive whilst talking to Matt Young.

Denis St. John, leavin’ lady Beth Hetland, Keny Wijaja, and Jesse Mead in a heated debate!

Party co-organizer and makeup extraordinaire Carol Thompson.

Bye gals, thanks for all the memories at Muff Mansion!


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