Flozax Rollins (sempaimiles) wrote,
Flozax Rollins

Sonic Saturday: Green Hills Zone Act 1

Originally published at RKdia Comics. You can comment here or there.

With the return of Sonic Saturday, I’m also returning to the pages I’ve previously done for this project and making key changes. Since my goal is to follow the classic SEGA Genesis games faithfully, I decided to tweak this page, eliminating Tails and adding Badniks chasing our hero as he persues Dr. Robotnick. You can see the original page in the archives for this story by clicking “Sonic Saturday” just below the header.

Gnib and Ink on bristol
Colors in Photoshop CS4 & 5


Sonic and all related characters are © SEGA
Original art is ©2011 Randall Drew

Tags: badnik, buzz bomber, chopper, comics, eggman, fan art, genesis, motobug, newtron, robotnick, saturday, sega, sonic, sonic saturdays, sonic the hedgehog, video game
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